MA Leadership (Business Stream)

TWU’s MA in Leadership, Business stream offers a leadership model that emphasizes people, teamwork, and results-oriented application. This program will equip professionals with the skills to adapt to the increasing demands and rapidly changing priorities of diverse business environment.

Award: Master of Arts in Business Leadership


  • Internationally recognized qualification
  • Flexible schedule for working adults and structured for timely completion
  • Opportunity to learn from highly dedicated and innovative TWU’s faculty
  • A unique blend of Education and Leadership
  • Adequate support and mentoring by experience learning facilitators
  • Ability to access student Loans from EdFin Microfinance Bank
  • Option to take some of the courses at TWU’s Langley campus over the summer
  • Degree eligible for teaching licence from the TRCN (Education stream)
  • Eligibility for 3 years post study work permit in Canada


  • Gain practical insights and skills to form, direct, and evaluate individual and team activity with integrity
  • Increased opportunity for career advancement and entrepreneurship
  • Apply leadership principles as a community-builder who unites people in a compelling vision of leadership and results-oriented change
  • Gain leadership perspectives that promote mission and vision
  • Motivate and mobilize others to accomplish tasks for the benefit of all stakeholders and society at large



CORE COURSE (3units each, Total of 18units)

  • LDRS 500 Leadership Foundations
  • LDRS 501 Strategic Leadership
  • LDRS 502 Team Leadership and Conflict Resolution
  • LDRS 503 Results Based Leadership
  • LDRS 504 Leadership, Values, and Ethics (Business only)
  • LDRS 591 Scholarly Inquiry

CAPSTONE COURSES (2units each, Total of 4units)

  • LDRS 697: Leadership Integration Project 1
  • LDRS 698: Leadership Integration Project 2


Business Stream (3units each, Total of 12units)

  • LDRS 611: Organizational Behaviour
  • LDRS 612: Leading Change and Innovation
  • LDRS 614: Mission, Marketing, and Quality
  • LDRS 617: Employee Engagement and Stewardship


Course Duration:

18 months (Full Time) or 24 months (Part Time) – 34Credit Hours

Course Fee:

$350/Credit Hour – $11,900


  • Applicants must have a teaching/Educational background
  • 4-year undergraduate degree
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 or Second Class
  • 3-5 years of work experience preferred (may include volunteering and coaching).
  • Official transcripts
  • Two references (one professional, one academic)
  • Resume or CV
  • Admissions Statement (500 to 800 words describing academic and personal goals, key experiences leading the desire for academic advancement, and reason for pursuing the program at TWU)
  • Potential virtual interview


Applicants who are unable to demonstrate all the above Application Requirements, who wish to be considered for exceptional admission, may submit the following additional required documents:

  • Ten Written Statements about leadership in the form of a 2000-2500 essay. This will serve to assess the applicant’s writing ability for master’s level learning. (10 questions will be emailed upon request)
  • Prior Experience and Learning Assessment (PELA) regarding the applicant’s leadership competencies. (PELA instructions will be emailed upon request)