MA Leadership (Education Stream)

Trinity Western University’s MA Leadership, Education stream is designed for professionals working in education (Pre-school to Secondary) who would like to advance their education leadership knowledge and/or career. Our competency-based learning model is built entirely on servant leadership principles and is ideal for those wanting to explore leadership opportunities in an educational setting. The programme equips professionals with the skills to adapt to the education sector’s growing complexity and changing priorities and positions them to make a tangible difference in the lives of learners and fellow educators.

Award: Master of Arts in Educational Leadership


  • Internationally recognized qualification
  • Flexible schedule for working adults and structured for timely completion
  • Opportunity to learn from highly dedicated and innovative TWU’s faculty
  • A unique blend of Education and Leadership
  • Adequate support and mentoring by experience learning facilitators
  • Ability to access student Loans from EdFin Microfinance Bank
  • Option to take some of the courses at TWU’s Langley campus over the summer
  • Degree eligible for teaching licence from the TRCN (Education stream)
  • Eligibility for 3 years post study work permit in Canada


  • Gain practical insights and skills to form, direct, and evaluate individual and team activity with integrity
  • Increased opportunity for career advancement and entrepreneurship
  • Apply leadership principles as a community-builder who unites people in a compelling vision of leadership and results-oriented change
  • Gain leadership perspectives that promote mission and vision
  • Motivate and mobilize others to accomplish tasks for the benefit of all stakeholders and society at large


CORE COURSE (3units each, Total of 18units)

  • LDRS 500 Leadership Foundations
  • LDRS 501 Strategic Leadership
  • LDRS 502 Team Leadership and Conflict Resolution
  • LDRS 503 Results Based Leadership
  • LDRS 504 Leadership, Values, and Ethics (Business only)
  • LDRS 591 Scholarly Inquiry

CAPSTONE COURSES (2units each, Total of 4units)

  • LDRS 697: Leadership Integration Project 1
  • LDRS 698: Leadership Integration Project 2


Education Stream (3units each, Total of 15units)

  • EDUC 620 Worldview Foundations of Educational Leadership
  • EDUC 623 Developing and Assessing Educational Programs
  • EDUC 624 School Leadership and Supervision
  • EDU 625 Educational Leadership and Change
  • EDU 626Leadership for Contemporary Issues in Education

*students choose any 5 courses from the list above

Course Duration:

18 months (Full Time) or 24 months (Part Time) – 34Credit Hours

Course Fee:

$350/Credit Hour – $11,900


  • Applicants must have a teaching/Educational background
  • 4-year undergraduate degree
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 or Second Class
  • 3-5 years of work experience preferred (may include volunteering and coaching).
  • Official transcripts
  • Two references (one professional, one academic)
  • Resume or CV
  • Admissions Statement (500 to 800 words describing academic and personal goals, key experiences leading the desire for academic advancement, and reason for pursuing the program at TWU)
  • Potential virtual interview


Applicants who are unable to demonstrate all the above Application Requirements, who wish to be considered for exceptional admission, may submit the following additional required documents:

  • Ten Written Statements about leadership in the form of a 2000-2500 essay. This will serve to assess the applicant’s writing ability for master’s level learning. (10 questions will be emailed upon request)
  • Prior Experience and Learning Assessment (PELA) regarding the applicant’s leadership competencies. (PELA instructions will be emailed upon request)