Our advanced skills bouquet offers programmes for children of all school age/levels and adults.

Online Finishing SchoolTeaches essential life skills that enhance the personal, social, and emotional development of every individual. We offer lessons in Good etiquette and social skills that add value to the overall development and learning of both children and adults. Our curriculum covers Netiquette (that teaches proper internet use), Social Etiquette, Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence, workplace readiness, and lots more.

 Children’s Course:
This course is open to children ages 5 - 10. Lessons are interactive, informative, and most importantly fun. Topics include dining etiquette, personal grooming and hygiene, social etiquette, good manners, mobile device etiquette, and effective communication skills.

 Teen’s Course:
Our teen’s course is open to children ages 11 - 18. Our lessons help prepare teenagers for adulthood by equipping them with the skills they will need to develop into independent, confident, and respectful adults. Topics include personal hygiene and grooming, social etiquette, emotional intelligence, poise and posture, effective communication, dining etiquette, and netiquette

 Work Place Readiness:
This course is designed to develop the foundational skills needed to thrive in the workplace. No matter what technical skills a job may require, every job requires good social skills/interpersonal skills. The course will cover topics such as professionalism, conflict resolution, teamwork, communication skills, decision making, problem-solving, and time management

 Leadership Programme
Our leadership programme is a John Maxwell Leadership course for teens (12+) tailored to helping them:
• Develop the value of resilience
• Be reflective and embrace lessons from their mistakes
• Develop a healthy attitude towards setbacks and more.
Participants will also receive a John Maxwell Leadership Certificate at the end of the course.
Tech-Based ProgrammeWe live in a technology-driven age and with its exponential growth, technology-skills are in high demand at all levels. Our courses are carefully designed to move children from beginners to advanced levels. We offer courses in:
 Coding/Programming
 Animation
 Robotics & STEM.
 Graphics Design
Vocational Skills AcquisitionOur vocational skills programme offers various specialised courses that help students acquire craft skills. Our programme inspires creativity and promotes independence and responsibility in children as well as exposing them to the concept of entrepreneurship.
 Designing and Sewing
 Bead Making
 Knitting and Crochet
 Entrepreneurship

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