MA Leadership FAQs


Yes, you can choose to attend part-time or full-time.
The MA in Leadership programme runs for 18 months if you are attending full time and 24 months if you are attending part-time.
Facilitated Academic Resource Center is a highly equipped technology center with a learning facilitator to support you throughout the programme. At the FAR center, students collaborate with each other, other global students and faculty.
No. You may study from the comfort of your home or utilize the FAR Centre. However, you will be required to take certain courses at the FAR Centre periodically.
Yes, the programme is fully online with the option of taking some face-to-face classes at TWU’s Langley Campus or synchronously at the FAR Center, during the summer.
Lectures are mainly delivered asynchronously meaning you can access the content when it suits your schedule, while ensuring to meet assignment deadlines in order to stay on track.
The programme is highly discounted. In addition, you can access student loan from Edfin Microfinance Bank to fund your studies. Contact us for more information.
All of your professors are TWU faculty with high qualifications.
Go to TWU’s website to learn more:
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