Global Express Pathway – GXP

The Global Express Pathway allows undergraduate students to complete the first and second year of your undergraduate studies at Trinity Western University in Nigeria. Global Express Pathway allows you to customize your bachelor’s degree to your calling and you can choose from a number of faculties and loads of options for majors and minors.  If you are not sure what you want to study, TWU can match you with an incredible academic advisor to help you figure out your best path. You can start one of the 30 undergraduate degrees online with flexibility and support from your academic advisor and learning facilitator.

Why GXP?

  • Finish your degree 25% faster and at only 65% of the regular cost
  • Complete the first two years of your chosen university program in Nigeria at a 65% discount of regular tuition
  • Affordable study option, an internationally recognized degree
  • Eligibility for post-graduate work experience in Canada on completion of their studies
  • Opportunity to study from a highly equipped Facilitated Academic Resource (FAR) centre with a dedicated facilitator/advisor.

GXP Programme FAQs

We recommend that students obtain a study permit first before they start the GXP program. If a study permit is denied, TWU will refund student’s full tuition deposit.
You complete your first two years 100% online, at our Facilitated Academic Resource (FAR) centre in Lagos. The FAR centre is a highly equipped technology center with a learning facilitator/advisor to help guide your learning. At the FAR center, students collaborate with each other and other global students.
Yes, you can access the university’s online library and use the online database search tools.
Classes are asynchronous, but students have to meet virtually or in-person with their learning facilitators once a week. The learning facilitators work closely with students to provide support to students, facilitate their learning and monitor individual students progress.
Absolutely. The university’s Letter of Acceptance (LOA letter) is a regular four-year university LOA
TWU will match you with an incredible academic advisor to help you figure out your best path.
English Proficiency Test score is a part of the requirements. See the programme brochure for options
The GXP program fee has been highly discounted, with up to 65% savings on tuition and more.
All of your professors are TWU faculty with high qualifications.
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