U1 (University Transition Year) is a supportive first year of undergraduate studies specifically designed for global students and is considered as their first year at Trinity Western University. Prospective students have the opportunity to start their U1 at our FAR Centre before proceeding to Canada to complete their studies or even stay back at the FAR Centre for subsequent years.


  • Students will start the first year of their Canadian education – U1 or (and second-year right here in Nigeria) or move to Trinity Western University’s beautiful campus in Langley, Canada.
  • Quality Canadian university education at a huge discount, saving parents more than 50% on the overall cost of attendance (U1).
  • Opportunity to study from a highly equipped Facilitated Academic Resource (FAR) centre with a dedicated facilitator/advisor.
  • Eligibility for post-graduate work experience in Canada on completion of their studies
  • Access to taking cultural exchange trips, whilst studying in Nigeria.
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U1 FAQ Programme

The U1 is the first year of undergraduate studies at Trinity Western University, offered in Nigeria, in partnership with Meadow Hall Education. All of the courses are part of the regular TWU’s undergraduate courses for all majors. When you complete U1, you are a second-year university student at TWU, and you can complete your university degree in the usual four years.
* U1 is NOT an ESL (English as a Second Language) program and it does not include any ESL classes. * U1 is NOT a separate school or a different program. The courses and grades are recorded on your TWU transcript as part of your degree. * Entering U1 does NOT mean that you need more time to graduate. You can graduate in 4 years or even less. * U1 is NOT a certification program.
The U1 programme runs for one year, comprising two semesters with a total of 36 credit hours.
Facilitated Academic Resource Center is a highly equipped technology center with a learning facilitator/advisor to guide your learning. At the FAR center, students collaborate with each other and other global students.
While the programme is fully online, students are required to learn from the FAR center, where they will be guided by a learning facilitator/advisor.
After the first year (U1) students have the option to complete the rest of their studies in Nigeria or move to TWU’s campus in Canada at any point during their studies.
Yes, students who choose to complete their undergraduate studies in Nigeria will be able to access TWU’s Cultural Exchange Programmes.
English Proficiency Test score is a part of the requirements. However, students who have had three years of full-time study and graduated from an international English medium school may have the English Proficiency Test waived.
The U1 program fee has been highly discounted, with up to 50% savings on tuition and more.
All of your professors are TWU faculty with high qualifications.
Go to TWU’s website to learn more: https://www.twu.ca/
Register here: https://meadowhalleducation.org/trinity-western-university-2/